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Farm Holidays - varied and healthy

Discover the rural world and experience something new on our Erbhof

When was the last time you smelled fragrant hay, drank cow-warm milk, soaked calves, fed cows, eaten nest-fresh eggs and spicy bacon, or joined in an alpine uplift? On our farm you can experience this - on request - with us.

Close contact with local people, farm animals and nature as well as the immersion in the rural life are part of your holidays. Work on the Oberhof starts early and ends late. There are many opportunities for you and your children to get a taste of things and help out. The children will certainly enjoy running and pampering our hors, the pony and the goats and watching our pigs, rabbits, cats and all sorts of poultry. Our new stable is usually the meeting place for children and often their parents, too. With our horse and pony you can also ride for free if you are used to dealing with horses and of course you can also help in the stable, with the haymaking and taste our farm products.

Our farm includes the old farmhouse with stable and outbuildings, a new stable for horses and small animals for our guests, a vegetable garden and about 3 acres of meadows and forest and the guesthouse with garden and playground. more..
Visit our community alp - the Auere Schwemmalm - where our young cattle graze and where you can taste the delicious mountain cheese and fresh dairy products and most delicious dishes such as Kndel and pasta varieties, the typical Schlutzkrapfen and Kaiserschmarrn, Schnitzel and homemade sausages.

Tradition and Innovation on our Ancestral Estate

"We all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and we hope that our children and grandchildren will be able to stand on our shoulders." Jean Pohle
Our Erbhof has been owned by the Schwienbacher family for many generations and will be handed over to the sixth Matthias in succession in 2019. As a result, tradition plays an important role on Oberhof.

We use modern technologies to manage the work on the farm, but above all we rely on the products of nature and the knowledge of our ancestors: the wood from our forest is slashed for construction only at certain times, farmhouse bread, bacon and sauerkraut are made after old recipes, milk, meat and vegetable products from stable and garden are our main food source. We are happy to share it with you. It is important to us to operate sustainably and to preserve traditions, pass them on and innovate them in order to pass on a viable farm to the next generation. more..

Farm holidays are healthy

That holidays on the farm are not only fun but also healthy, is shown by various studies. The renowned doctor Thuile has summarized the recent research findings in his book "Pharmacy Farm" .
Dealing with animals has educational and therapeutic value - especially for children. Cuddling with animals, as well as caring for and caring for the animals help to reduce fears, to build a sense of responsibility and self-esteem and to cope with stressful situations. It is well-known that mountain herbs and mountain hay have medicinal properties, but the peasant products also contain a multitude of valuable substances that build up our immune system, and the barn and barn germs reduce the risk of developing allergies.

Life on the farm, within easy reach of mountain pastures with flowering mountain herbs, the emergence of peasant products and the handling of animals - all that you can experience and enjoy with us.

Being a guest at the farm means enjoying peace, relax and experiencing the joy of living with local people, animals and nature.

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