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All Seasons in Ultental Valley

Experience the seasons and find the sources - at Oberhof and in Ultental

At all Seasons... …

our farm - situated right below the wonderful Schwemmalm - offers various hiking possibilities and is also an ideal starting point for bikers and joggers. The Ultner Höhenweg, one of the old „Waalwege“ (typical Vinschgauer hiking tracks alongside streams and brooks) and a Nordic Walking route lead past the farm to the Ultner Almen.
The ski resort of Schwemmalm excites as a versatile hiking area in the summer with numerous restaurants and a well-signposted network of trails. Paragliders will find a good starting point there. The Waldbrunnenweg with adventure pond is accessible from the house in about 90 minutes walk. The Kneippweg, the Badlweg and the Karrenweg offer interesting alternatives in the valley. In the Stelvio National Park - at the foot of the three thousand meter peak Eggenspitze and Zufritt - you can search for traces accompanied by the forester, fish in one of the many lakes, watch the golden eagle or listen to the roaring deer.

Spring, the right time for a healthy cure
You can relax and recharge your batteries on the Waalweg or on the way to the alpine pastures near Oberhof, where the colorful flowers of gentian, alpine roses and pasque cling and the young trees and mountain herbs sprout. The Höfeweg and the Sunnseitweg invite you to go hiking during spring bloom. The soft meadows, the fresh air and the crisp herbs support the regeneration of body and soul. The project South Tyrol Balance Ultental - in which we participate - offers guided hikes to the Ulten healing springs. During herbal hikes and Kneipp treatments, you can experience the beneficial effects of these natural treasures.

Summer, sun, hiking…. …unlimited hiking tracks, climbing mountains, refreshing in mountain streams and lakes, tasting cheeses and typical products on the nearby mountain pastures and enjoying the bells of the animals - all that you can do in summer. Easy hikes up to challenging mountain tours are in the immediate vicinity. The Stelvio National Park can be reached in about 30 minutes by car or by the hiking bus to Weissbrunn - the starting point for various hikes to the glacier region of the Ortler massif with beautiful karst lakes. You can take a refreshing dip in the St. Walburg outdoor swimming pool 10 km away or in the Zoggler reservoir, try Petri`s Heil in the rivers and mountain lakes, and some can also be reached by e-bike. Not to be missed is a stroll through the night farm markets and other interesting events.

In the golden autumn
... get inspired by the colorful landscape, the traditional „Almabtriebe“ and the Kuppelwieser market. In addition, you can enjoy the Ultner Lamb Weeks and the subsequent game weeks and spend a nice evening at the Törggelen and our Buschenschänken (traditional wine taverns). You will find wonderful tracks on the sunny side of the valley.

.. and in the winter season...

it´s the perfect place for you! The many hours of sunshine, the tranquility and the view of the enchanting wintry Ultner mountains are worth the drive to our place. While trudging through the winter landscape, you can enjoy the glitter of the snow crystals and then a mulled wine on the nearby pastures.

Good connection to Schwemmalm ski area

From the quiet but well-maintained access road to the hamlet of St. Moritz you can park directly in our garage and just a kilometer further you can reach the ski area Schwemmalm via a ski path. From the upper valley station take the chairlift to Breiteben, where you will find the ski school, the ski kindergarten and more lift stations. In the ski and snowboard school with ski kindergarten children and adults learn the perfect slope, in the two ski rentals you will find the right equipment for your piste adventures. Even ski tourers will find numerous routes and unique challenges in Ultental. Several cabins with excellent cuisine offer you everything you need for a relaxing ski holiday. Well signposted Winter hiking trails and snow playgrounds make the ski resort the ideal destination for the whole family. The newly built children's snowpark in Kuppelwies also offers the little ones a lot of fun and the opportunity to complete their first ski lessons. Sports fans can even ski with our World Champion Dominik Paris if they are in the Ultental at the right time. One more reason to come to Ultental in winter.

Alternative winter pleasures in the area and at the farm…

... are on our doorstep. Those who enjoy the sun in winter and want to have a healthy and wonderful experience will discover the untouched nature by foot, with snowshoes, cross-country skis or touring skis. How about a snowshoe hike at night or a snow slide on the nearby meadow? In addition to the natural sled run Moscha, there are various sledding opportunities on snow routes in the area. Sleighs, slide boards and snowshoes can be rented from us. On long winter evenings, while browsing through our library, you will find interesting facts about our valley and many a curiosity about the people who live here and guests can become friends during a convivial evening.


On the Trail of historiy

Ulten - as one of the few valleys in South Tyrol - preserves the originality of a mountain farming area very carefully. - You can enjoy old peasant culture in the villages of St. Pankraz, St. Walburg, St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud and on the farm path at every turn - in the old farms with shingle roofs, in mills, fences and small monuments.

The first historical traces in Ulten lead back to the Bronze Age. The Documentation Center Culten in St. Walburg informs about the early history of the valley; the name Ulten, on the other hand, first appears in a deed of donation in 1082, when the parish church of Ulten was handed over to Weingarten Abbey and the Thurnerhof in St. Nicholas testifies to the Court of Ultun mentioned in 1140. The historic ruins of Eschenlohe in St. Pankraz bear witness to the rule of the Counts of Ulten in the Middle Ages and the division into 12 Werche - Hamlet - is still reflected in field names. The Höhenkirchlein St. Moritz is said to have been built in the times of the Crusaders; The Valley Museum in St. Nikolaus with its historic farm implements introduces you to the working world of ancient times and the National Park House Lahner Saw in St. Gertraud documents - including a live demonstration of the Venetian saw - the timber industry of Ultental, as experienced by last eyewitnesses. more...

Even mystical places fascinate hikers - especially the primeval larches in St. Gertraud, the oldest coniferous trees in Europe. The "houses on the stone" in St. Pankraz testifies to a flood and the fire victim place on the church hill of St. Walburg is one of the oldest victims places of South Tyrol. more...

Ulten developed from the valley of the baths to the insider tip for nature lovers, since our valley with its healing springs and its rich natural treasures has always been a desired place for city dwellers enjoying their „Sommerfrische“ here.Illustrious guests such as Bismark and the Gebrüder Mann spent their holidays in Mitterbad at the turn of the century. The Kneipp path and the „Roheoase Überwasser“ at Badlweg, where hikers can enjoy the healing water, are reminiscents of the old bathhouse culture. more... ultental-valley/nature-culture/relaxation-nature.html more...

With the expansion of the ski and hiking area and with a holistic concept for a „Ulten worth living“ the offerings for tourists could be improved, without destroying the character of the original valley. In addition to the traditional hospitality industry, farmers offer lovingly furnished accommodation on the farm and traditional food in taverns and farm shops. The original Ultental - in which nature and culture are still in harmony - has become an insider tip for sports and nature lovers as well as for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment.
A special feature of the valley is the Winter School Ulten, where traditional craft and cultural techniques are learned and old knowledge is passed on. In the „Wollladele“ uphill, wool products from the valley are processed into valuable individual pieces and in the „Kräuterreich Wegleit“ or at Obern Hof, old herbal knowledge is passed on and you will find a rich palette of herbs and natural products. At the farmers' markets, you can also discover some of the gems that Ultner hobbyists manufacture. more

Today, the Ultental is well known by our world champion Dominik Paris, who lives here and who has gained his first skiing experiences and successes on the Schwemmalm.more...

Experience our intact nature, which nurtures our inner sources, and enjoy our traditions and the Ultner delicacies that enriches body and soul!


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