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Get out – get up – arrive and visit our holiday apartments Oberhof-Ultental

... but the holidays will start even before your arrival. We are happy to help you planning your best days of the year. On our website you will find a lot of information about the valley.

About us:

Matthias jun. with partner Silke have been responsible for apartments and the farm since 2018. They are your first contact. Silke is responsible for the holiday area and the correspondence with the guests, Matthias jun. for the stable and farm. The two daughters Katja - born 2014 - and Hannah - born 2017 - you will probably meet on the playground or in the stable. Matthias sen. and his wife Caroline also live on the farm and help with the operation as far as possible. The old farmer helps you to run the animals, the farmer's wife cares mainly about the garden and bureaucratic topics. The daughters Tanja, Monika and Gertrud also love to come with their families for visits and help as needed.

Some useful information:
In Ulten there are two parishes: St. Pankraz and the parish Ulten with the capital St. Walburg and the fractions St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud. In each village you will find at least one guest establishment and a grocery store.

At St. Walburg you will also find a supermarket, a butcher, a vegetable shop and a paper shop, which also offers souvenirs and gifts. A gasoline and diesel filling station will supply you with fuel and a car repair shop will repair any damage. Here you will also find a pharmacy and the doctor ambulatories, a post office and the municipal office. The Raffeinhof above the village was chosen as the bar of the year 2016; the restaurant Steinrast ober Kuppelwies and the Schwemmalm mountain restaurant received the seal of quality "genuine quality on the mountain". The Kräuterreich Wegleit and the Museum Culten or a hike to the healing springs in the valley are worth a visit too.

At Kuppelwies you will find the base station of Schwemmalm ski area with ski and bicycle rental, an ice skating rink, a restaurant with pizzeria and the Wollladele, which offers handcrafted wool products from the valley.

In our Village St. Nikolaus you will find a general store, a bakery, a shoe store and the Ultner Valley Museum. A neo-Gothic winged altar adorns our church, at the Thurnerhof you will find enigmatic signs that point to a former court seat and in the hamlet of St. Moritz you will find the oldest church in the valley with valuable frescoes.

In St. Gertraud you will discover the National Park House Lahnersäge and the approximately 1000 year old archipelago. In addition to the Urlärchen there is a quaint Hofschänke and a nice pizzeria. From St. Gertraud, the hiking bus takes you to Weißbrunn - in the middle of the national park.
If you still need special information, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to make your journey easier ...:

From Brennero drive until you reach the exit BOZEN SÜD. Once there you drive straight into the expressway direction MERAN SÜD. At the exit turn left towards LANA and from there drive to ULTENTAL.
If you arrive via the Reschenpass, then drive through the Vinschgau in the direction of LANA and follow the signs to ULTENTAL.
In Ultental drive to the village center of St. Nicholas and follow the signs to Gruebberg / St. Moritz / Oberhof - past the Valley Museum - about 3, 5 km to the top right. After two bends you drive past several farms and reach our Oberhof - located directly on the road and with a large inscription.
During the winter season, it is recommended to have snow chains in your luggage. Enter St. Nikolaus / Ultental on your navigation device, otherwise you might travel to another St. Nicholas. On request, we will send you a detailed travel sketch by e-mail before arrival. You will receive the apartment key in the second (old) farmhouse below the street.

We look forward to your Arrival
Your family Schwienbacher



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Grubberg 273
I-39016 San Nicolò/Val d'Ultimo
South Tyrol - Italy

Latitude N: 46.52688
Longitude: 10.93601

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