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about your holiday Destination Ulten valley - South Tyrol

An unforgettable good time in a stunning holiday destination.
With hosts who maintain cordial hospitality.
In an atmosphere that makes you forget your everyday life.
An experience that can be your holiday truly unforgettable.
Dream holiday at Oberhof in Val d'Ultimo South Tyrol with interesting holiday destinations in the near.

The Stelvio National Park comprises parts of the regions of Lombardy, Trentino and South Tyrol. The Park is dominated by the Ortler mountain range with the famous Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfserjoch. The area extends all the way to Val d'Ultimo/Ultental in the East. The Park is also a great place if you are interested in rare plants and animal species, such as majestic ibexes and groundhogs.

The century-old Lahnersäge in Santa Gertrude/St.Gertraud, is home to the new visitors’ center in the National Park. The old Venetian saw has been restored and is in full working order again. The National Park exposition features movies, slideshows and fascinating recreations of historical events, painting a vivid picture of the historical significance that wood had for the inhabitants of the valley.

The Valley Museum in San Nicolò/St. Nikolaus offers an excellent overview of the life of the farmers in Val d'Ultimo/Ultental. Here you will find century-old furniture and recreations of traditional parlors, kitchens, bedrooms and service rooms, as well as a number of tools in the exhibition.

The Schwemmalm ski resort is idal for sikking and snowboarding an in Summer for hiking. The bottom station of the Schwemmalm cable car is located in Pracupola/Kuppelwies on an altitude of 1,150 meters above sea level. The highest lifts take you up to an altitude of as much as 2625 meters. The area has a lot of snow but. The local ski and snowboard school, which also includes a ski kindergarten, is a great place for kids and adults alike to learn how to complete the perfect turn! Two ski rental shops will provide you with all the equipment you need for your on-piste adventures.

Ortler Ski Arena is located in South Tyrol, the province at the very top of Italy that borders Austria and Switzerland and is home to the UNESCO-Heritage Dolomites. This alliance of 15 ski areas is named for South Tyrol’s highest peak, Mount Ortler, and represents an attractive alternative to the gargantuan Dolomiti Superski: it’s ideal for those who appreciate a family-friendly atmosphere over teeming masses, who like an easy-going winter holiday, and who value Mother Nature at her most pristine. Ortler Ski Arena offers 330 kilometres of sun-kissed slopes, a wealth of options for all, and an authentic experience of South Tyrol − all with just one ski pass.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle , located in the town of Merano (Meran) in northern Italy, is a botanical garden who shows colorful plants from all around the world . Multifaceted Experience Stations, spectacular themed gardens, Artist Pavilions and intriguing animals turn the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle – within easy walking distance from Merano – into a colorful world where visitors enjoy a variety of different experiences.

The Touriseum , South Tyrol’s Province Museum of Tourism, covers 200 years of tourism history in Tyrol and Merano in a very engaging way.

At Terme Meran the long tradition of Merano/Meran as a spa town is given a new lease of life in a modern, holistic way in this centre of excellence. The 360° range on offer at Terme Merano/Therme Meran in South Tyrol, which is open 365 days a year, includes 25 pools indoors and outdoors, various saunas, a spa park, the Spa & Vital area, Medical Spa, Fitness Center and Bistro.

Ötzi - the Iceman - on display at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) is one of the world’s best-known and most important mummies.

Tracking Ötzis trails in the Archeopark di Senales /Schnals/South Tyrol.