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Local costumes and own products

Selfmade in house

In our farm we make our bread, our " speck" and our jam ourself. We use the products of our garden and from our Beefs. We sell also some products: milk, speck, eggs, jam, vegetables of Station.

Local products in Ulten Valley

Due to the secluded location of the valley, independent culinary traditions have thrived here. The bread, lamb and Laugen beef, herbs, dandelion, poppy seeds and Radicchio of the Val DUltimo as well as special varieties of cheese like the Grana are well-treasured traditional products from this region.

The local bread, lamb, herbs, dandelion, poppy, radish, and local cheese brands like Grana are well-known far beyond the borders of the region itself.

Traditional farm houses in Ulten Valley

Over the centuries a special style of architecture has developed in the Ultental valley. The traditional farm houses are built in solid larch wood, which have acquired a darkish Color. The predominant courtyard shape in the Val DUltimo is the Paarhof in which the living quarters and the stables with stalls are separated from each other. The flat well-suited saddled roof is covered with wooden shingles made of larch and weighted with stones, so that the house can withstand all forms of inclement weather. The traditional farms tell a rich story about the lives of many generations of farming families.
Ulten Valley Museum in San Nicol is a great place to visit if you want to know more about the regional culture.
If you feel like hiking, the
Ulten farm trail leads past many of the valleys most beautiful traditional farm houses. The exhibit in the national park Lahnersge imparts much valuable information about the traditional wood construction methods of the Val DUltimo.

Water - a natural treasure in Ulten Valley

Val d'Ultimo is considered an especially water-rich terrain. His number of lakes, streams and marshes is impressive. Not least because of this fact, many reservoirs were constructed here in the 1960s. They still deliver large amounts of clean energy. Water has always played an important role in the Val DUltimo. The countless natural mountain lakes and singular moors are characteristic of the area. But the flowing waters were used by the farmers for driving Venetian saws, flourmills or smithies.

Baths and springs:

Mitterbad at San Pancrazio and berwasser baths in Santa Valburga

Thanks to its mineral spring containing iron and magnesium, Mitterbad was extremely popular in the whole German-speaking area in the 19th century. Many famous personalities, among them Otto von Bismarck, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann used to be seen around here. Thomas Mann is said to have finished his novel "Buddenbrooks" here.
The water of Mitterbad spring was used for drinking cures and for baths to combat diseases such as anaemia, various gynecological problems, nervous disturbances, skin diseases and digestive disorders. It arises from porphyry stones in Marauntal.

The water from the berwasser spring was initially used for cures against mainly anaemia, fatigue and gynecological problems. Since the beginning of the 19th century, bathers would regularly come here. In 2009, an analysis showed the water to be bacteriologically clean. However, it was shown to have a higher iron and manganese content compared to regular drinking water.
The original spring was restored in May 2009 - called Oasis of Peace - which is now accessible to all-comers.

The Stilfser Joch National Park

is the second largest protected area in the Alpine region. Its surface includes the entire Ortler Cevedale Group, as well as the Livigno and Cancano valleys. South Tyrol owns 53,447 hectares (40.6%) of the national parks area, of which the villages of the Vinschgau and Ulten region own 45,724 hectares.

The century-old Lahnersge in Santa Gertrude/St.Gertraud, which until the 80s served as a sawmill to the local farmers in the valley of Val d'Ultimo. Today the building is home to the new visitors center in the National Park. The old Venetian saw has been restored and is in full working order again.
The National Park exposition features movies, slideshows and fascinating recreations of historical events, painting a vivid picture of the historical significance that wood had for the inhabitants of the valley. An entire room is dedicated to the legend of the forest, with the smell of pine trees, wood and green forests. Visitors will be enchanted by voices of bird and other local animals.